Torrox ensures equipment is designed and built to meet the mine site’s specific needs. We take pride in providing personalized technical solutions. Click on the equipment to read more information.

+ Conveyor Drive Systems
  • Compact drive heads designed for mining use, up to 1200 HP
  • Skid mounted, roof hung, or fixed to foundation
  • Modular construction; easily upgraded in both speed and power
  • Engineered to maximize interchangeability of parts
  • Engineered systems up to 8,000 HP
+ Loop Take-Ups and Belt Storage Units
  • Automatic and manual tensioning systems: gravity, electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic
  • Up to 800m of belt storage capacity
  • Quick addition and extraction of belt in extensible applications
+ Tail Ends
  • Standard and low profile return ends
  • Impact loading sections with idler sets or impact bars
  • Mobile type, either skid or track mounted
+ Discharge Ends
  • Integral to the drive with adjustable height and length
  • Remote mounted to the roof or floor
+ Transfer Chutes
  • Engineered chutes specifically designed for each application
  • Dust tight or open top
  • Replaceable wear liners for extended life
+ Idler Sets, Rollers, Pulleys, and Drums
  • Standard frame with fixed, garland, or vari-trough idler sets
  • Large diameter, heavy duty
  • Sealed for life sealing elements
+ Conveyor Belting
  • FenaplastTM Solid-Woven, PVC impregnated
  • PVC or nitrile rubber covers
  • Fire resistant and anti-static properties to CSA M422-M14
  • Diamond Edge belting to reduce edge stranding, increase product life
  • iBelt tracking system to manage inventory and maximize product utilization
  • Hi-Vis covers in a variety of colors for safety and product life monitoring
  • Design enhancements for extensible conveyors
+ Fluid Couplings
  • Smoothest acceleration of the largest masses
  • Load free start-up and run-up of the motor
  • Torque limitation during start-up
+ Ancillary Equipment
  • Maintenance stations up to 500m of belt
  • Belt winders up to 500m of belt
  • Belt cleaners
  • Fines conveyors
  • Emergency stop systems
+ Feeder Breakers and Belt Feeders
  • Low profile underground machines
    • 2,000 tph production
    • Fracture materials up to 30,000psi
  • In-pit units for 30,000 – 40,000psi materials
  • Mobile belt tail ends
+ Jumbo Drill
  • Hydraulic rotary or hydraulic percussion rotary drifters
  • Single or twin boom
  • Dual powered, diesel hydraulic, or electric hydraulic
  • Face coverage up to 18.9m x 12.2m
+ Roof Bolters
  • Bolts up to 11ft long
  • Patented “Centra-Stinger” placement
  • Hydraulic rotary or hydraulic percussion rotary drifters
  • Single or twin boom
  • Dual powered, diesel hydraulic, or electric hydraulic
+ Scaler
  • Reach up to 48.5ft
  • Scaling pick provides high breakout force for efficient scaling
+ Utility Vehicle
  • Configurable bed options:
    • ANFO Truck
    • Fuel & Lube Truck
    • Man Lift
    • Scissor Lift
    • Telescoping Crane
    • 6-person Quad Cab
    • 9-person Personnel Carrier
    • Dump Truck
    • Flatbed Truck
  • Four wheel steering for enhanced maneuverability and turning radius
  • Oscillating articulation joint allows mounting of all 4 jacks on rear chassis
  • Battery powered for zero emissions
  • Climbs 25% grade
+ Mining Grid, Rock Mesh, & Roof Mats
  • Strong, lightweight, flexible, and corrosion-resistant polymeric grid
  • Safer, faster, installation than chain link or welded wire mesh
  • Flame retardant
+ Ventilation Ducting & Curtains
  • Ventilation ducting (positive and negative pressure, spiral)
  • Strip or Velcro strip curtains
  • Brattice curtains
+ Miscellaneous
  • Hoists and winches (electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic)
  • Mining chains (round link up to 32mm, DIN spec)
  • Cutting heads, drill bits, custom designed

Field supervision or installation of systems or components is available as required.

Torrox has expertise in all aspects of supply chain management including import/export, transportation, storage, just-in-time inventory management, multi-year supply contracts, etc.